For over 40 years, metal has been the motivator behind our passion and inspiration and that has translated into the high-level quality of our services and our products.

Our company operates within the construction and precision engineering industries, in consumer design mainly for the steel industry, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, ship construction, automobiles, textiles, and general engineering. 




Our main SPECIALTIES are turning and milling, though we also cover a wide array of other simple and complicated tasks. The main strength of BENSA S.r.l. is our ability to adapt to any of our customer’s requests. Quality, organization, and the level of customer satisfaction are our fundamental values in this continually evolving market.

At BENSA S.r.l., we place great importance upon the quality of our suppliers. We constantly evaluate the quality of our products and the punctuality of our services and maintain a high level of cooperation between all of the parties involved, ensuring the quality of the work to be done before production even begins.

At BENSA S.r.l., we can accomplish various treatments and applications such as induction hardening, carburizing, browning, oxidation, chrome plating, nickel plating, galvanizing, chrome oxidation, etc.

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